Yandex doesn't index Wix sites

Jun 6, 2018
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Yandex doesn't index Wix sites

Is it temporary or is it time to start worrying and switch to something else? The news that Yandex stopped indexing the websites created at was first featured on June 5th. Worried webmasters started discussing the situation saying that websites builders are better not used at all anymore.

The team of web-crawler decided to study the problem and see whether all Wix websites are really not indexed by Yandex.
To do that for 24 hours we had crawled all the known .ru domains – that’s 5.62 mln and selected only the working Wix ones – 21.959.
From that figure we took about a half – 10 thousand domains – and checked their indexation:

As you see only 11% of Wix sites index pages are indexed by Yandex, it is just the other way round with Google.

According to Mikhail Slivinsky, the head of the Yandex webmaster service, the problem is caused by Yandex and is to be solved shortly.

Mikhail Slivinsky: “– Some sites using ajax may have faced some difficulties with Yandex-bot lately. At the moment we’re busy testing some changes at our end. Within a couple of days the situation will be improved”.

For the last year it’s been said a lot about SE indexation support of Javascript websites. But in reality the situation is reverse. There do arise frequent difficulties with such websites, as Google uses the old Chrome 41 version for rendering. Almost any javascript error that wasn’t found in time may result in the crawler’s incorrect work and make the page non-indexable in the end. In case the site was created with the help of a builder like Wix the only things a webmaster can do are:

  • to hope the problem will be solved soon on either the search system or the constructor side;
  • to switch to another CMS.

This situation shows that it is very important to keep a strict eye on your site technical condition, no matter what technologies it is based on - surprises may come any time.

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About the author:

Serge Bezborodov is the co-founder and CTO of JetOctopus. He is a tech-SEO and log-files nerd with 10+ years of experience in programming. Serge is also a data-driven SEO evangelist. He regularly shares insights from a billion crawled pages and 14 billion log lines on DigitalOlympus, TechSEOboost, BrightonSEO conferences, and through the TTT community. You can find Serge on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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