Pick up Your Website Pages Volume &
Get the Maximum Value from JetOctopus SEO platform

  • 1M
    Crawl Pages
    Or 500K JS Crawl Pages
  • 1M Log Lines
    We calculate only search bots visits (Googlebot, Bing).
    How to calculate logs volume?
  • 1
    Google Search Console properties
  • 1
    Google Analytics properties
  • 0
    SEO expert analysis
  • 1h
    Onboarding call
  • No
    Project Limits
  • No
    User Limits
  • No
    Simultaneous crawl Limits
    Ahrefs integration
    Join Datasets options
per month
(billed annually, you save __ per year)
If You Need More Logs,
GSC Add them to Cart
GSC properties
GA properties
How SEO traffic of a website is increasing
  • Pages in Site structure
  • Should be visited by Googlebot
  • Be ranked in SERP and start getting impressions
  • Start bringing you SEO traffic
Log files analysis increases site Indexability
  • We charge only for log loglines from Googlebot and Bingbot (validated).
    How to calculate logs volume?
  • Live logs at hand without time lag
  • Analysis of more than 40 bots
  • Bots behaviour dynamics
  • Bot perception of your site
  • Crawl budget optimisation insights
  • Fake bots detection
  • Health of your website section
  • Subdomains no limits
Crawl data reflect SEO health of a website
  • Crawling speed up to 250 pages/sec
  • Cloud-based. Without paralyzing your PC
  • No domains limits
  • No users limits
  • JS crawling. Pricing: 1 JS page costs like 2 HTML pages.
  • Core Web Vitals checking
  • Problem-centric dashboard
  • Pre-set reports with issues
  • Compare Crawls option
  • Segmentation
  • Schedule a Crawl option
  • Crawling capacity withoutlimits
GSC gives insights on SERP efficiency
  • Full data from Google Search Console API
  • Bulk mode connection
  • Download 16-month period
  • All data is shown in dynamics
  • Winners/Losers lists of URLs
  • Active pages which bring massive traffic
  • Positions of the whole website
  • Cannibalization
GA visualizes the efficiency of end visitors at your website
  • General GA data in comparison with the previous period (active users, sessions, engaged sessions, bounce rate, session duration)
  • Efficiency by Countries
  • Organic vs All traffic sources comparison (by the main efficiency criteria)
  • New Pages preset list (the ones which started to get Sessions)
  • Lost Pages preset list (the ones which stopped getting Sessions)
  • Not engaged Pages list (the ones with 100% Bounce rate)
  • Winners preset list (by Active Users, by Sessions, by Engaged sessions, by Bounce rate, by Avg Session Duration)
  • Losers preset list (by Active Users, by Sessions, by Engaged sessions, by Bounce rate, by Avg. Session Duration)
  • Visualize Directories Efficiency (by the number of Active Users, Sessions, Engaged Sessions, Avr session duration, Bounce rate)
Our clients love Us
Features included in every SEO module:
The fastest crawling speed
up to 250 pages/second
Client support
Any question is addressed within 1 day max
Unrestricted functionality
We don’t limit options of any functionality in any size of package
No user limits
We don’t limits the amount of users
No limits on export
Export as much data as you need
12-month access to reports
12 month data retention (if the subscription is active).
1 month data retention (after the subscription is expired).
Frequently Asked   Questions
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept payment from all major credit card companies and PayPal through the FastSpring platform.
Bank wire transfer is also possible.
Can I change plans or cancel my account later?
You can change the plan any time you want, just choose the new package you need through the Pricing page. Previous subscriptions will be deactivated.

To cancel your subscription:
1) go to Manage my subscriptions. Then you will be transferred to your personal Fastspring account
2) we can do it for you
If I cancel now, will I be able to use my account?
Yes, you will have access to all the data for one month after the end of your subscription.
What is your refund policy?
If the user made a subscription duplication accidentally, JetOctopus will make a refund after having a closer look at this case (reasons of such duplication, quota usage, etc).

If JetOctopus realizes that users can’t use some of the modules because of our fault (long log setup - usually), we make a partial or full refund, based on the case and volume of unused functionality.
Will I be automatically charged for the monthly subscription after 7 days of paid free trial?
No, we don’t require to add any credit cards or other payment methods during the free trial.
Does the free trial limit my access to features?
You will be able to test all the modules of JetOctopus: Crawler, GSC Keywords, Afresh integration and Log Analyzer (both with data uploads or real-time integration).
For crawling, you’ll get 10k URLs, no project and domain limits.
For GSC Keywords, you’ll have 3 months of data available.
For exporting, there is a limitation of 500 rows per report.
Totally GDPR-compliant.
Who has access to your data?
5M pages to Crawl monthly    
3M log lines monthly    
1 GSC properties monthly    
1 GA properties monthly    
0 SEO expert analysis      
You save € 175 per year