All-in-One SEO Technical Solution

For Marketing Agencies

On-page Tech SEO optimizations always lead to organic traffic growth when done effectively. With the right tools which save time!

  • All your SEO customers in one account always with fresh data (no extra for domains)
  • Preset charts with SEO ideas and impactful opportunities (true time saver)
  • Alerts that provide SEO security to all your customers making you a strategic partner
  • Work always with full fresh data without paralyzing your PC (schedule a crawl option, cloud-based)
  • Expert SEO support and profound onboarding
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For Marketing Agencies
Real-Time Alerts
24/7 Monitoring with

Real-Time Alerts

Manually monitoring websites can be time-consuming, leaving you open to critical issues that may arise without warning. That's where JetOctopus comes in. Be the first, who knows about your client's problems. Receive instant alerts on critical changes to website, ensuring avoiding any SEO traffic drops

Top Down


With a top-down approach, we help you understand which of your customers' SEO problems should be prioritized. Using data-driven insights, JetOctopus allows you to identify and address the top issues, ensuring you implement the most impactful SEO changes. Don't waste your time swimming in circles - let JetOctopus help you navigate the SEO ocean with confidence and precision.

SEO Efficiency

SEO Efficiency

Your SEO come predictable

Visualise the full on-page SEO picture of your website and know for sure what is going on. Where a Googlebot is an often guest and which part of the commercial pages is just ignored and why? What exactly to change to increase site visibility to Googlebot?


Your SEO becomes predictable

You can handle unlimited projects, users, and domains without any hassle. But here's the best part – we only charge based on the number of pages you analyze. So effortlessly scale your SEO strategies for both small and large sites, paying only for the number of pages you need.

No need anymore

To continue merging all in excel

To make conclusions on partial data for the whole website - it harms SEO

To build your SEO strategy on hypothesis - it harms SEO

To overpay for domains

Visualize your SEO on the full data and understand how all it works for sure, without hypothesis.

How we help marketing agencies?

  1. Regular Basis Monitoring

    At JetOctopus, we understand that staying on top of SEO game requires constant monitoring. Our advanced crawling technology ensures that your clients' websites are regularly scanned for any technical issues that may be hindering their rankings. With our timely alerts, you can quickly resolve any SEO issues and optimize your clients' sites for maximum visibility and traffic.

  2. Become a Strategic Partner for your client

    Be on top of the needed SEO optimizations for your customers. Implement not just SEO tasks, but the most impactful ones. Here JEtOctopus is at best service. Setting up Alerts for all your customers you will be the first who knows if something crucial is broken. That shifts you to another level of partnership with your customers.

  3. Cost effectiveness

    We understand the importance of delivering value to your clients while maintaining cost effectiveness. That's why JetOctopus is designed to be an affordable solution for marketing agencies of all sizes. Our pricing plans are transparent, flexible, and tailored to your specific needs. No pay for number of users, projects, domains - only the number of pages matters.

  4. All in One Tech SEO Platform

    Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and hello to a streamlined workflow that saves you time and delivers exceptional results. JetOctopus combines cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface, making complex SEO tasks simple, accessible and visualized. With JetOctopus, you can efficiently identify and resolve technical issues, optimize website performance, and improve search engine visibility—all in one place.

How our team help?

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