JetOctopus for JavaScript SEO

JetOctopus is a website crawling tool that enables you to easily audit for common Javascript SEO issues.
Solve your Javascript SEO problems at scale with the fastest and most affordable crawler in the market.
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Common Javascript SEO Concerns with Solutions by JetOctopus
  • Javascript Load Time
    Use our JS performance tool to check JS execution load time, with First Paint, First Contentful Paint, Page load, and the time it takes to finish all JS requests.
  • On-Page Issues
    Use our technical audit section to solve SEO issues due to Javascript in image attributes, no title or meta description, duplicate content, load time, 404s, etc.
  • Indexation & Crawling Problems
    We use headless chrome for crawling, the same as google to identify problems and find blocked resources from search results.
  • JS Console Error
    Use our JS console errors in JS performance to check problems in executing JS and affecting codes not working properly.
  • JS vs Non JS Error
    We crawl every page two times, with JS and without JS to find errors on pages on a scale.
  • Rendering Issues
    Compare JavaScript and regular HTML page code to find rendering issues, changes in titles or meta descriptions, and pages not indexed properly.
  • Interlinking Analysis
    Use our internal linking analysis, and site structure efficiency tool to find pages with the least internal links.
  • Page Speed & Core Web Vitals
    Use our Core Web Vitals section to find pages with a slow loading speed and Core Web Vital issues.
What Makes Us Unique?
JetOctopus Features
The fastest crawler on the market
JetOctopus is the fastest crawler in the market and can crawl 250 pages per second. Work with big data on the fly to solve your SEO problems.
Compare JS pages to non-JS pages
Check how JS changes main content, breakdown by percentage, changes in titles, meta description, changes in indexation management, JS performance, time for first Paint, full page loading and JS performance of full breakdown by browser performance events.
Get a properly visualized log analyzer
Get visualizations and useful charts on your website's Site Visibility and Site Indexability. Understand the Googlebot's behavior and optimize your site accordingly. Visualize the big picture of the problem and filter URLs to easily resolve all problems.
GSC module with more analytics
GSC integration with JetOctopus allows you to see the dynamics of your website performance, impressions, clicks, positions, and CTR for specific URLs. Cannibalisation. Keywords analysis.
View your website as Googlebot with JS
Use our option to view your website as Googlebot with Javascript in data tables to eliminate critical issues.
Join datasets option
You can join datasets of crawl, GSC, and logs with multiple filters to apply in one place to get detailed SEO insights within seconds. No excel merge is needed.
Top-down approach
We illustrate the big picture of your SEO problem via different charts that you can use to decompose each issue and filter URLs by issues.
Human support
You’re never alone. Our online support is always responsive. We value all our users and try to provide VIP support for everyone.
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