GSC on Steroids data
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JetOctopus has a state-of-the-art Google Search Console SEO Insight Extractor with more than hundreds of data sets and visualization charts. Make your Google Search Console data more valuable and scale your SEO with added insights and actionable charts from JetOctopus.
How It Works

What Makes Us Unique?

Google's Search Console
JetOctopus GSC
Google's API
Google’s API allows you to export data only for the last 16 months.
Fresh data synchronization
JetOctopus adds 16-month data at once, and every day fresh data is automatically fetched from the Search Console. The longer you use JetOctopus, the more data you collect.
Limited export
GSC only allows you to export reports up to 1000 lines.
No limit for the export
In JetOctopus GSC you can export the data from any report in the Datatable in xls, csv, or Google Sheets formats without any limits.
Only one chart
There is only one chart with not-so-pretty lines.
Multiple Visualization & Charts
Get multiple visualizations and useful charts on your website’s SEO performance.
Fewer dynamics
In GSC, you only have the dynamics for impressions/clicks/CTR/position. You can see all the data for the pages with growth or drop mixed up in one data table. To find the pages with drops, you have to export the data to an xls file and divide it manually.
Dynamics section
JetOctopus’ dynamics section lets you easily see which pages are showing growth and which pages are showing drops in terms of impressions/clicks/CTR/position. Cleaner interface, no need to export or do extra manual work.
Google's API
In GSC, you only have the data of the pages that were crawled by Google and ranked in SERP.
Overlap data with ease
In JetOctopus, you can overlap GSC data with crawl data. Query in the title report has data from GSC and crawl, and shows how the query performs in terms of the page title, meta description, and H1.
No cannibalization report
There is no such report in GSC. You have to export the data regarding the queries to xls and then merge the data manually.
Cannibalization report
In JetOctopus’ canonicalization report you get all the data on the cannibalized queries and the impressions/clicks/CTR/position of such queries.
No insights section
There is no such section in GSC. You have to export the data regarding the queries to xls and then merge the data manually.
Insights Section
JetOctopus’ Insights section shows you the efficiency of your queries based on the query word count in correlation with CTR. All sections are clickable to analyze each URL with ease.
Only by one URL
In GSC, you can check the data by the chosen URL but only by one URL at a time.
Filter/Segments in JetOctopus Datatable lets you filter out pages by different criteria URLs contain, such as the queries count, the number of impressions/clicks, etc.
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