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December 1, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Verifying Googlebot with JetOctopus
We are happy to announce a new release from the JetOctopus team. From now on, you can verify Googlebot using our service. This tool is very useful for all websites, because in...
November 28, 2022
by Sofia
6 ideas to improve your SEO with segmentation of crawl results, logs and GSC
Segmentation is a great way to drill down into your SEO. And it doesn't matter whether you have a large site or a small one, segmentation will help you understand the current...
November 25, 2022
by Sofia
5 tips for advanced analysis of keywords in SERP with JetOctopus
To get good results in Google, you need to monitor the dynamics of your website and analyze many different metrics. One of the most interesting metrics is keyword analysis. In...
November 24, 2022
by Sofia
How to find all the keywords for which your website is ranking on Google
Analyzing keywords, their quality and quantity is an important metric for SEO specialists. By analyzing the keywords a website is ranking for, you can assess your strengths and...
November 23, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Check Pages Problems in one click
Improve your data analysis with the latest JetOctopus release: use the "Pages Problems" dataset in many data tables. It is unimpossible to get organic traffic on a full scale...
November 8, 2022
by Sofia
I scanned the site with another crawler. Why doesn’t the number of pages match the results in JetOctopus crawl?
In this article, we will explain why different crawlers may show different numbers of pages in the results. By the way, we recommend reading the article why there are missing...
November 7, 2022
by Sofia
Why are there not all titles, descriptions and headings in the crawl results?
Previously, we already wrote about why there could be missed pages in the crawl results. The reason can be both in the crawl settings and in the internal linking structure of...
November 4, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Google Analytics at JetOctopus
We are happy to present to your attention a new large update. Now you can integrate data from Google Analytics and use it to analyze page performance. Who is Google Analytics...
November 3, 2022
by Sofia
How to use JetOctopus to monitor a website migration
Website migration is a long process that consists of many steps. During each stage, it is important to monitor the performance of the website. In this article, we will explain...
November 2, 2022
by Sofia
How to analyze data from a Google Discover report to find growth points
We recently added a new report to the "Google Search Console" section, and all our customers were able to analyze data from Google Discover. Read more about the update in the...



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