Unlimited Packages for
Big and Huge Websites

You will forget about limits.
No Crawl limits, No Logs limits, No GSC limits, No users limits, No simultaneous usage limits
Partial crawls hurt your SEO.
Go Unlimited.
Why? When analyzing partial data:
A lot of on-page SEO errors are hidden and not fixed: slow loading time, thin pages, redirects etc.
You are unable to analyze your interlinking structure which has a dramatic effect on Site Indexability
You can’t understand which part of a website is ignored by Googlebot and what to change?
Сonsolidation of partial crawl data is much more time-consuming and risky than a comprehensive crawl. Human error happens often.
Simple Experiment
Let's look at how partial crawl distorts the data on two real cases, one website.
There are more than 32K blocked pages, more than 61K hreflang issues. 52 % of the website is non-indexable and, therefore, this part isn't ranked in SERP. So, we got an absolutely different picture.
The Leading Brands Are Using Unlimited
JetOctopus is a refreshing and new SEO crawler in the market of SEO tools. Its integration with log files and Google Search Console is very useful. JetOctopus has features that other competitors lack, it's fast and it is loaded with graphs and data tables, much more than the average other SEO crawler. JetOctopus pricing structure is also very attractive for freelancers and agencies, as you really don't pay more than you need to as well as apply one off top-up if the situation calls for it. I truly enjoy using JetOctopus in my SEO toolbox. Give it a try!
Fili Wiese
SEO Expert and ex-Google engineer, fili.com
Visualise the full on-page SEO picture of your website and know for sure what is going on. Where a Googlebot is an often guest and which part of the commercial pages is just ignored. And Why?
Watch the impact of optimisations in dynamics
Why Unlimited packages are good?
  • Crawl within quota
  • Logs are always exceeding the quota. Needs constant cleaning. You work only with instant logs data
  • Alerts. You should add crawl volumes for the needs of alerts.
  • No crawl limits. Crawl as much as you want. No matter what.
  • No Logs limits. You have all historical logs at hand for full analysis. Any incident can be restored and analyzed.
  • Limitless alerts. So many combinations
  • Direct access to JetOctopus database
  • All your employees can work with the data without any time limits, volume limits, simultaneously
  • Integration with your BI/reporting system
  • Data security. Your data is stored separately, even in your datacenter.
  • Direct, priority support 24/7
  • Unlimited onboarding
85% of our big customers are using Unlimited
What else?
  • Security. All the infrastructure is on your own servers. With Unlim you'll dive into a full, systematic, profound SEO analysis on a regular basis which always has an impact on SEO traffic increase. Big website is like organism. You should always control the SEO part so as not to get a penalty from Google. Live logs at hand is your SEO safety
  • Apart from deep onboarding you will get an exhaustive SEO audit from our experts every quarter. Literally it is an additional employee for no extra cost for you.
  • Get your SEO freedom.
  • Price is still much less than a ferrari each month:)
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