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  Identify Crawl Budget Waste
Crawl budget waste is a significant issue. Instead of valuable and profitable pages Googlebot oftentimes crawls irrelevant and outdated pages.
Go to the Impact section to evaluate the Crawl Ratio and missed pages
  Pages visited by bot

Now, when the crawl budget waste is obvious, it’s time for action.

Throw all your strength on increasing the number of valuable pages visited by Googlebot.

Not visited pages

These pages could be ignored for myriad reasons, the most common are:

  • Distance from index (DFI)
  • Inlinks
  • Content size
  • Duplications
  • Technical issues

A closer look to crawl data will help you improve their crawlability, indexability and rankings.

Define the most visited pages
URLs that are more popular on the Internet tend to be crawled more often to keep them fresher in our index.
  • The pages that are most visited by Googlebot are considered as the most important ones
  • You should pay the closest attention to such URLs, keeping them evergreen and accessible
  • You can find the most visited URLs by clicking on chart at Pages by Bot Visits report
Pages by bot visits
You can link from these pages to weaker ones (but still relevant) to improve their crawalibility and rankings.
  Identify Fake bots which hurt your website
We analyze more than 40 different bots and easily eliminate fake bots which more obviously just scrape your website and hurt your server's capacity.
Dynamics of fake bots
  • Log files analysis is expensive
    Horror #1
  • Log files analysis starts at just 50 Eu/mo
    Solution #1
  • Log files analysis is too techie and I won’t be able to get insights from it
    Horror #2
  • Simplicity and data visualization but NOT just aggregated data
    Craig Campbell says about JetOctopus
    Solution #2
  • Log files analysis is applicable just for big websites
    Horror #3
  • If you make money with your website you should know for sure how Google bot perceives your website
    Solution #3
User Experience
Log files also showcase how organic visitors perceive your site, and technical issues they are facing. This section is especially important for optimizing conversions.
1. Evaluate how organic visitors explore your website:
SEO active pages
2. Identify technical issues encountered by your visitors:
Problems list (Visitos behavior)
Issue Visits
Server errors 5xx 16
Non permanent redirect 302 7
Slow load pages >2s 2913
Extra slow load pages >7s 2780
SEO opportunities with Log files analysis
Improve website’s Visibility
Check accessibility of your website for proper indexation. Get your website found on the internet when your prospects are searching for your related products and services.
Boost Organic Traffic
Eliminate and fix technical errors and other aspects of on-site SEO and get more SEO traffic. Tech SEO is always predictable.
Increase website’s Indexation
Optimize site structure, improve interlinking, enrich content, fix duplicates, check your indexation management tags and get SEO traffic uplift.
Secure your SEO
Have at hand your raw logs and be the first who identifies the errors at your website to fix them right away before Googlebot visits them.