It’s your SEO safety.
You definitely had case(s) with SEO traffic drop because of accidental errors by devs.
It always happens. And it takes 3-6 months to get back these positions in SERP.
Not anymore!
Setup all possible Alerts, get notifications first, fix the errors right away! And sleep well.
What Are the Most Critical Issues
which should be notified right away
  • No more accidental organic traffic drops after recent product update.
  • You setup all possible alerts: On-page SEO, Core Web Vitals, JS alerts, Googlebot alerts, SERP negative changes alerts etc.
  • And get the notification first when something is broken.

Why JetOctopus Alerts Are Unique

On-page SEO alerts
Googlebot's behaviour alerts
SERP efficiency drops alerts
Core Web Vitals changes alerts
Combinations for Alerts are limitless
Use-case webinar
Setup notifications either to email or to messenger or to sms
We don't limit the number of alerts
We don't charge extra. It's included in any package.
Possible Alerts to Name a Few:
Googlebot's alerts:
availability of sitemaps.
overloading of the most popular pages.
tracking of the bot visits frequency and page loading time.
if the mobile bot will start scanning as it is the transition to mobile first indexation.
SERP efficiency alerts:
the most important pages are dropped out of index.
the most important pages will have 0 clicks or impressions.
the positions of the pages that brought the most traffic have dropped.
page impressions for branded queries have decreased.
On-page SEO alerts:
the page has more than one canonical tag.
the canonical url has non 200 status code.
the crawler finds at least one hreflang with a non-200 url inside.
if a hreflang has a non-indexable url inside.
Core Web Vitals alerts:
first input delay has increased.
the first contentful paint is in the green zone.
Who are The Biggest Fans of Alerts
Adrian Olszewski
SEO & Marketing Data Analysis Manager,
Helpful tool and we still learning how to get more and more from delivered insights. We detected broken links or orphaned pages in convenient way. We implemented some fixes to craw budget/links and now we want to evaluate effects of our work.