Be found by Googlebot. And start increasing SEO traffic (for sure)
The fastest and most affordable SaaS crawler and logs analyzer without limits.
JetOctopus best fits for
E-commerce websites
  • When there are 10K+ pages on a website, Site Visibility for Googlebot is the number 1 priority to take care of.
  • Log analyzer serves perfectly here.
  • Checking how each SEO optimization impacts Googlebot's behavior on your website makes your strategy winning.
  • The fastest crawler provides fresh actual data on a fly, not paralyzing your PC.
  • GSC on Steroids reveals a ton of SERP efficiency insights and SEO opportunities. We store 16+ months of GSC data in your account.
  • Alerts provides you SEO security.
Digital agencies
  • All your SEO customers in one account always with fresh data (no extra for domains)
  • Preset charts with SEO ideas and impactful opportunities (true time saver)
  • Alerts that provide SEO security to all your customers making you a strategic partner
  • Work always with full fresh data without paralyzing your PC (schedule a crawl option, cloud-based)
  • Expert SEO support and profound onboarding
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The modules of JetOctopus
Speed 250 pages/sec
Duplicates | 404 errors Hreflangs | Low page speed Orphan pages | DFI
Live logs stream | Bots visits | Crawl budget | Pages not visited by bot
Impressions | Clicks | Keywords analysis | Cannibalisation
Without limits
Referring backlinks | Domains
Monthly trends
Google Analytics
Visits | Bounce rate | Time on page
Without limits
My Data
Upload any dataset to enrich SEO analysis
How JetOctopus helps you increase SEO traffic
Step 1 Crawl your website
With the fastest crawling speed JetOctopus will crawl your website without paralyzing your PC. Any page volumes.
Step 2 Integrate your logs
With just 2 lines of code for your developers you get your live logs at hand.
Step 3 Integrate Google Search Console
Extended GSC data at JetOctopus together with crawling and logs data. No extra fee.
Step 4 Dive deep in Big data easily
Create segments, compare crawls, monitor live logs, draw unexpected insights to find new SEO opportunities.
Step 5 Get strong arguments
Watch each of your SEO experiment within bot's perception, impressions/clicks, SEO visits of end users. No more hypothesis.
Step 6 Day-to-day analysis with a cup of coffee
Control "health" of your site just watching several charts. Feel SEO safety even before you finish your morning coffee.
Your day-to-day SEO tool without limits

For the first time really big websites won't worry about limits as there are not any!

Apply data-driven approach to your SEO and get breath-taking results this year.

Enterprise No limits solution:
No crawling limits
No log lines limits
No extra fee for Google Search Console integration
No extra fee for Google Analytics integration
No extra fee for Backlinks integration
No extra fee for client's data integration