Welcome our JetOctopus

a powerful Saas crawler
  • Why Octopus?
    As it spreads its tentacles into the wilds of Your website. Like Google does!
  • Why Jet?
    As it crawls Your site extremely fast (up to 200 pages per second)
No more tons of urls and hours of reports studying
We’ve made titanic efforts to make Your dashboard as empty as possible so that you could concentrate on the main problems from the very first second. You’ll find the necessary details in the correlated sections.
Scale of problem validity.
We not just eliminate crucial for Google technical problems, we provide you with a scale of each problem. So an average SEO manager knows where to start fixing. Immidiately
Content analysis.
Partially duplicated content is identified easily by JetOctopus. Normalization lets us find the duplicated content which will definitely be missed by desktop crawlers.
Dashboard responsiveness.
Ultimate responsiveness of our Dashboard. 0,1 second for data loading. No more staring at those downloading wheels.

I want to try
No more
If you are a big SEO agency you definitely feel irritated with project limits. They make any crawler almost useless for you as you are unable to crawl all your clients entirely twice a month. No more project limits with JetOctopus. Absolutely unique option.
Without limits
Log analyzer
Log analyzer is a crucial helper of every webmaster but it also has limits! And you have to pay extra money for additional log lines. Analyze log data beyond bounds with JetOctopus. Not anymore. Log analyzer without limits at JetOctopus.

JetOctopus is a cloud-based crawler with remarkable technical predominance. Cutting-edge technologies used in JetOctopus let us crawl 200 pages per second..

10 000 pages for less than a minute.
Prepare your site for such tension.

No limits
Our first business has 15+ million pages. Crawling of big sites and really big sites is our core expertise. It is not a problem at all to crawl 50 million pages and more. Thus our price for big volumes seem inadequately low. Demand price for big volumes.

Just check
No need to watch dozens of educating videos how to work with crawlers and what to do with this data. JetOctopus will do the whole job for you. Just start implementing recommended changes one by one. If you find something incomprehensible, let us know and get a bonus
Client-oriented philosophy
We once were in your shoes when huge efforts in linkbuilding, site optimization and etc. didn’t give any efficient results. Be sure, you will be surprised :)
The last but not the least
Note that we offer these painfully needed options not for all the money in the world. Due to our cutting-edge technologies and simply genius CTO we are able to make the most effective tools for any SEO manager even more affordable.