Lukasz Zelezny – Director and Co-owner of SEO.London

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Please welcome Lukasz Zelezny – the best SEO consultant in London and the honored partner of JetOctopus.

The key SEO specialties of Lukasz are:

  • SEO strategic and result-driven approach
  • Analytical / Number focused
  • OnPage optimization.
  • OffPage activities, including link building.
  • User interface architecture suggestions (UX / UI)
  • ROI orientation.
  • Working with CEOs/CMOs/SVP of Marketing
  • Working with front-end developers
  • Working with content writers
  • Head of SEO / SEO Mentoring

Lukasz is a satisfied client of JetOctopus who is using actively all 3 datasets (crawl, log analyzer, gsc)

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With the promocode: Zelezny
You are getting an additional 15% discount at any package you choose.

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You don’t know what JetOctopus is?

Well…  JetOctopus, the fastest and most affordable Enterprise SEO Platform that has top crawling speed, real-time log analysis, and detailed 3D SEO reports on a site’s health.

We suggest you start your review from our tastiest part — the SEO efficiency chart. You can connect 3 datasets (Logs+Crawl+GSC) at once and see on the fly how your crawling budget is spent and where your SEO opportunities are. This way, you can see the most effective part of your website, and the growth points for improving your SEO results.

Log analyzer

We can define more than 40 types of bots and demonstrate their dynamics in real-time. It gives you an easy way to find and block fake bots that load your site. Also, wehelp you to improve your website visibility. You can analyze the bot’s behavior by concrete criteria in the impact section. In the raw logs, you not only identify the problems, different errors but also fix them until the bots can report them in real-time. This is especially for product launches and updates. This way we provide you with SEO safety.


This dataset is beloved by our clients because it contains not only general information about the percentage of impressions, clicks, and CTR. In this case, you get a list of pages that have grown in terms of impressions and clicks, so that you can draw conclusions about which experiment is successful and scale it.

Finally, you get a fast and efficient cloud solution that makes your work with big SEO data easier and makes SEO predictable. Would you like to try JetOctopus?

PS – we don’t share your data and we won’t send you marketing emails. We will however send you product messages to help you use the software successfully.