Roadmap to a successful JS site migration

Roadmap to a Successful JS Site Migration" is a visual guide that offers a step-by-step approach to help businesses navigate the complex process of migrating a website to JavaScript. Whether you're a developer, SEO specialist or business owner, this eBook provides valuable insights to help you achieve a successful JS site migration.

Serge Bezborodov

Serge Bezborodov

Co-founder and CTO of JetOctopus Twitter logo Linkedin logo

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Lukasz Zelezny Photo

Lukasz Zelezny

Director, SEO.London

JetOctopus is one of those tools that was previously missing from the market. Simple to use on the one hand and a powerful optimisation tool on the other. The speed with which it crawls the pages is admirable. Also the clarity of the reports and the indication of the next steps to be taken is exceptional. I highly recommend it 🔥

Sviatoslav Slaboshpytskyi Photo

Sviatoslav Slaboshpytskyi

Head of SEO, iGaming product

I'm responsible for SEO strategy for a really big website (10+ million pages). JetOctopus helped me to identify technical issues, deal with messy LOGs and organize data. Thanks to JetOctopus we've fixed technical issues, optimized our crawling budget, and grown traffic from 80k daily to 260k in 6 months. JetOctopus you rock!

Fili Wiese Photo

Fili Wiese

SEO Expert and ex-Google engineer

JetOctopus is a refreshing and new SEO crawler in the market of SEO tools. Its integration with log files and Google Search Console is very useful. JetOctopus has features that other competitors lack, it's fast and it is loaded with graphs and data tables, much more than the average other SEO crawler. JetOctopus pricing structure is also very attractive for freelancers and agencies, as you really don’t pay more than you need to as well as apply one-off top-up if the situation calls for it. I truly enjoy using JetOctopus in my SEO toolbox. Give it a try!