April 28, 2023
by Sofia
A step-by-step tutorial on analyzing outlinks on a page
Information about outlinks on your website is very important if you are engaged in technical website optimization. In our opinion, analyzing outlinks can be a powerful way to...
April 27, 2023
by Sofia
Technical SEO in 2023: key takeaways from the Knowledge Panel Show
We would like to share with you the key takeaways from a panel discussion on the prospects, challenges, and needs of a technical SEO in 2023, as shared by Serge Bezborodov, CTO...
April 26, 2023
by Sofia
How to analyze timeout errors
Timeouts can be a real pain when you're trying to improve your technical SEO. If you're scratching your head wondering what to do when you encounter a timeout, don't worry -...
April 21, 2023
by Sofia
How to count the number of images on a webpage
For many SEOs, it is important to monitor pages that contain an extremely high number of images. Moreover, many specialists need the function of searching for pages without...
April 20, 2023
by Sofia
401 response codes: a how-to for diagnosing and resolving log file issues
You may have noticed in the Google Search Console reports that some of your pages were not scanned and indexed by Googlebot due to the 401 (Unauthorized) status code. You could...
April 19, 2023
by Sofia
How-to guide for using the JetOctopus API
We previously announced the release of the API. The JetOctopus API now is available for all our clients. With the API, you can access and utilize JetOctopus's features...
April 18, 2023
by Sofia
How to find all nofollow internal links pointing to indexable pages
It is important to find all nofollow internal links pointing to indexable pages because these links can impact the crawlability and ranking of a website. While nofollow links do...
April 17, 2023
by Sofia
How to find JS blocked requests
The popularity of JavaScript technologies is growing rapidly. Every year, more and more websites are migrating to JavaScript. As a result, there is a growing need for...
April 14, 2023
by Sofia
How to identify and fix HTTP images on your website
It can happen that you are using a secure HTTPS protocol on your website and have set up redirects from HTTP to HTTPS. However, your website may still have HTTP resources. In our...
April 13, 2023
by Sofia
Why title and description duplicate errors are not reproduced when checked manually
There can be many reasons why the issue of duplicate titles and meta descriptions is not reproduced during manual checks.  This can occur if you have a JavaScript site...



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