May 8, 2023
by Julia Nesterets

New Episode of The SEO Mindset Podcast – Qualities of a Good Leader with Julia Nesterets

We are excited to announce that our CEO was a recent guest on The SEO Mindset podcast. In this week’s episode, Tazmin Suleman, the show’s host, had a fascinating conversation with our CEO about the qualities of a good leader. Julia Nesterets, the episode’s guest, shared her extensive knowledge and recent experiences on the topic, making for a deep and insightful discussion.

The SEO Mindset is a weekly podcast that offers actionable tips, guidance, and advice to help you build your inner confidence and thrive in your career. The show covers topics specific to the SEO industry, as well as broader topics related to professional and personal development. Tazmin Suleman, a Life Coach, hosts the show, and we are thrilled that our CEO was invited to share their expertise with their audience.

Julia’s New Meaning of Leadership

Julia discussed her thoughts on leadership and how extreme situations can help shape leaders. She also talked about how she analyzes herself as a mother with the goal of developing leadership skills in her children. Julia shared her personal experience of traveling to the USA at 18 years old and how the challenges she faced during her trip helped her mature and had an impact on her future career.

Julia’s definition of leadership is one that focuses on serving others. To her, leaders are individuals who can overcome obstacles, find solutions, and inspire and develop those around them. A leader must have inner strength, be able to handle challenges, and not be afraid of failure. But they must also have an emotional connection with their team to inspire and motivate them towards success. Join Julia as she talks about the magic ability of inspiring and developing people under your leadership.

How Extreme Situations Can Shape Great Leaders

According to Julia, extreme situations can shape great leaders. She believes that going through challenging experiences can help a person grow and mature, providing valuable lessons that shape their leadership skills. Julia emphasizes the importance of being empathetic and actionable, and the impact that her leadership has on her projects and the people she helps. She also highlights the importance of spiritual development during tough times, and how finding stability within oneself is crucial for being able to handle challenging situations. Overall, Julia’s experience shows that facing extreme situations can be a powerful way to develop into a great leader, and that taking on challenges with empathy, action, and spiritual growth can lead to meaningful personal growth and positive impact on others.

Lessons Learned During the Last Year

Julia then talked about the lessons she learned during the last year. The first lesson she shared was that people can adapt to a lot of things, which can only be felt by being in those circumstances. She mentioned that even in tough circumstances, she proved to be an empathetic and actionable person. She volunteered a lot and launched a separate project called “Take Care on the Family,” which helped many people in need.

The second lesson Julia shared was that spiritual development is essential during tough times. She mentioned that she never spent so much time on spiritual development before, but it has become vital in helping her find stability and strength during the current situation.

If you’re looking for actionable tips and advice to help you become a better leader, or simply want to learn more about the world of SEO and professional development, be sure to tune in to this week’s episode of The SEO Mindset.

You can listen to the new episode at the link:

About Julia Nesterets
Julia Nesterets is the co-founder and CEO of JetOctopus. With 10+ years in marketing and sales, she helps to identify our clients' needs to the fullest. She can explain complex ideas by simplifying them which makes her a very valuable asset to JO.

She is also a very social person. You can catch up with Julia on Digital Olympus, BrightonSEO, and Slush conferences for some small talk. You can also find Julia on Twitter and LinkedIn .



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