September 13, 2022
by Sofia
6 hidden features: how to use JetOctopus more effectively
JetOctopus is a comprehensive tool for SEO that has many advantages and cool features. We would like to remind you about several cool features that will help you use JetOctopus...
September 9, 2022
by Sofia
Sum up for the six months of 2022
The last six months have been interesting and exciting for the JetOctopus team. It was difficult at times, but we managed it. And as a result, many useful updates were released....
September 8, 2022
by Sofia
How to use Include and Exclude settings when configuring a crawl
Use the Include and Exclude feature to prevent JetOctopus from scanning unwanted pages. We recommend that you use this option if you need to scan one or more types of pages. You...
August 12, 2022
by Sofia
A complete list of user agents used by JetOctopus
Security is important to all websites. For JetOctopus, the security of your data is also in the first place. Therefore, we want to tell you which user agents JetOctopus uses when...
July 14, 2022
by Sofia
Custom Extraction Guide with multiple use-cases
Custom extraction is needed to find certain elements in the HTML code of the page. Our web scraper will search selected elements while crawling your website. With custom...
July 11, 2022
by Sofia
How to join datasets
Merging data from different tables is much more convenient if you use the “Join Dataset” tool. You can use this option in all data tables: logs, Google Search Console and crawl....
July 7, 2022
by Sofia
How to share a report from JetOctopus
We offer several options if you want to share a JetOctopus report with your colleagues. Choose the most convenient way depending on what your needs are. 1. Share the PDF file...
June 27, 2022
by Sofia
How to analyze crawl results for a separate mobile domain
If you use separate mobile domains, you need a special crawl analysis. In the article “How to crawl separate mobile domains with JetOctopus” we wrote about how to configure...
June 16, 2022
by Sofia
How to analyze website performance by countries in SERP
If your website is global/international, it is important to track performance by countries. Consider an example why a general analysis of effectiveness in the SERP is not enough....
June 13, 2022
by Sofia
How to crawl separate mobile domains with JetOctopus
Although Google recommends using the responsive version of the website for mobile devices, many websites still use a separate domain for mobile users. This means that the website...



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