January 19, 2023
by Julia Nesterets
JetOctopus in 2022
2022 - a year of Indestructibility.  Releases 2022 JetOctopus' 2022 was interesting and full of new updates and releases, despite the difficult circumstances. We have...
December 22, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. URL Explorer Tool: all SEO insights by URL in one place
We are exited to announce our new update: this is one of the last JetOctopus releases in 2022. From now on, the URL Explorer Tool is available in each section: Logs, Google...
December 13, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Bot Dynamics by directories
JetOctopus introduces a new report for effective search engine log analysis. Now you can analyze the behavior of search robots by directories. In this way, you can instantly and...
December 8, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Searchbot’s behavior in dynamics
JetOctopus offers a new solution for in-depth analysis of robots’ behavior on your website. The "Bot Dynamics" report is our powerful tool for tracking the behavior of bots:...
December 1, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Verifying Googlebot with JetOctopus
We are happy to announce a new release from the JetOctopus team. From now on, you can verify Googlebot using our service. This tool is very useful for all websites, because in...
November 23, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Check Pages Problems in one click
Improve your data analysis with the latest JetOctopus release: use the "Pages Problems" dataset in many data tables. It is unimpossible to get organic traffic on a full scale...
November 9, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Compare JS vs non-JS content with JetOctopus
The JetOctopus team continues to make new features and tools that meet the actual needs of SEO specialists. One of the main needs today is setting up technical SEO for JavaScript...
November 4, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Google Analytics at JetOctopus
We are happy to present to your attention a new large update. Now you can integrate data from Google Analytics and use it to analyze page performance. Who is Google Analytics...
September 16, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. GSC Discover: dive deep into recommendations analysis
The JetOctopus team made a great and handy update: now all clients can analyze the effectiveness of their pages in Google Discover. What is Google Discover? Google Discover...
September 9, 2022
by Sofia
Sum up for the six months of 2022
The last six months have been interesting and exciting for the JetOctopus team. It was difficult at times, but we managed it. And as a result, many useful updates were released....



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