April 25, 2023
by Sofia
Product Update. Crawler location update
The JetOctopus team is thrilled to announce a new product update for our customers. In our work, we strive to ensure that our crawler works just like a real search engine when...
April 24, 2023
by Sofia
Product Update. New reports for JavaScript crawling
The JetOctopus team is excited to announce one of the most anticipated updates to our tool – new data tables for analyzing JavaScript websites. This year, we have focused on...
April 12, 2023
by Sofia
Product Update. New Redirect Chains data table
Spring has brought another exciting update from JetOctopus – an improved redirect chain tracking feature. In this update, users can see the entire redirect chain in one place,...
April 6, 2023
by Sofia
Product Update. Explore our new JavaScript example crawl and discover the benefits of JetOctopus
The JetOctopus team is excited to announce the release of a new update that includes an example crawl for JavaScript websites. This feature is designed for those who use...
March 23, 2023
by Sofia
Product Update. JetOctopus Releases Much-Anticipated API
The world of SEO and website analysis is constantly evolving, and businesses need to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies to stay ahead of the competition....
March 13, 2023
by Sofia
JetOctopus proudly sponsors SMX München 2023 – Don’t Miss Our Exclusive Offer for Attendees
SEO is an essential aspect of website development. In the same way, SEO is necessary for business: without wide visibility in Google and other search engines, the business will...
March 10, 2023
by Sofia
Product Update. Introducing New Datatables in Sitemaps Dataset
We are excited to announce our latest update of JetOctopus, which includes the addition of new data tables to the sitemaps dataset. With this new update, you can now easily...
March 3, 2023
by Sofia
Product update: updated backend boosts interface speed
In order to achieve our main goal, JetOctopus developers have made significant backend updates, resulting in an interface that is overflowing with speed. The improved backend has...
March 1, 2023
by Sofia
Product update: bulk data export is lightning-fast now
We are pleased to present our first spring update. We know that many of our customers not only use the interface to analyze data, but also export millions of rows to create their...
February 27, 2023
by Sofia
Product Update. Links database is now even faster
We’ve got great news! Now, managing internal links is even easier and faster, thanks to the updated links database from the JetOctopus team. At JetOctopus, we prioritize speed...



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