February 12, 2024
by Julia Nesterets
Case Study. How does JetOctopus help achieve results for clients of a top digital company in Brazil
October 9, 2023
by Sofia
Case Study. Travel Marketplace with more than 300.000 pages 20% boost in SEO traffic
July 21, 2023
by Sofia
Case Study. How JetOctopus Enabled SMG to Manage Multimillion and Multilanguage Websites for 3+ Years
July 4, 2023
by Sofia
How to identify and fix broken pages in XML sitemaps
Discovering broken links in sitemaps is a critical task for website owners and SEOs. Sitemaps serve as one of the roadmaps for search bots, informing them about the pages on your...
July 3, 2023
by Sofia
How to analyze user experience on your website using JetOctopus
JetOctopus is a powerful technical SEO analysis tool designed to optimize your website. While technical aspects like broken links and bot scanning are essential, analyzing user...
June 28, 2023
by Sofia
Dataset “Links Domains”: practical applications and actionable insights
Analyzing the domains of the links on your website, both internal and external, can provide valuable insights and help optimize your website's linking strategy. In this article,...
June 27, 2023
by Sofia
JetOctopus: a recap of our first six months of achievements
They say time flies when you're having fun, and wow, did the past six months zoom by for the JetOctopus team! We've been buzzing with activity, making waves, and achieving great...
June 22, 2023
by Sofia
What is the “URLs Query in Crawl” report and how to use it
The "URLs Query in Crawl" report in JetOctopus provides information about all query parameters found during the crawl of your website. What are query parameters? Query...
June 20, 2023
by Sofia
How to find pages with multiple meta descriptions
In this article, we will discuss the importance of identifying pages with multiple meta descriptions and provide insights into the significance of optimizing meta descriptions...
June 19, 2023
by Sofia
Product Update. Compare JS vs non JS in the URL inspection tool
Our customers have already experienced the tremendous value of our feature that enables the comparison between JavaScript (JS) and non-JS versions of websites. In today's digital...



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