Let’s talk about SEO. But not only about it

April 11, 2022
by Sofia
How to use the Linking Explorer tool
Linking Explorer is a powerful tool for analyzing internal and external links on your website. If you have millions of pages, it can be difficult to discover all the internal...
April 10, 2022
by Julia Nesterets
SEO for New Website: 8 Marketers Share Their Most Effective Techniques
Building a new website for your business? Don’t make the mistake of treating search engine optimization (SEO) as an afterthought. Why? Because SEO holds tremendous power as a...
April 7, 2022
by Julia Nesterets
How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in JetOctopus
Google updates its algorithm every other day. Hence, SEO is increasingly evolving into a complex and dynamic discipline. Most of these updates are minor and do not significantly...
April 6, 2022
by Sofia
How to use the list mode: 5 tips to crawl your website effectively
You can choose several scanning modes: scanning the entire website, scanning URLs from sitemaps or crawling pages from a list. Crawl list mode is very useful when you need to...
April 5, 2022
by Sofia
How to do a deep audit of all internal and external image links
Image links are part of the linking of your website. They differ from ordinary images in that when the user clicks on this image, it goes to another page. This can be any page on...
April 4, 2022
by Sofia
How to audit external links with JetOctopus
Checking external links is an essential part of any SEO specialist's job. External links are a way to create connections and transfer authority between websites. If you place a...
April 1, 2022
by Sofia
How to crawl large websites
In this article, we will tell you how to crawl large websites with millions of pages. With the help of different settings, you will be able to crawl your website most efficiently...
March 20, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Exporting datatables to sitemaps
At JetOctopus, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, regardless of the circumstances – Russia attacked Ukraine on a full scale. In March 2022, we released two significant...
February 20, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. Improved filter performance
We are thrilled to introduce a new update to our valued JetOctopus customers. At JetOctopus, we are dedicated to providing fast and effortless SEO analysis, even for websites...
January 25, 2022
by Julia Nesterets
SEO Competitive Analysis: 11 Experts Share their Best Practices and Insights
Being a bit competitive is always a good thing, especially in business. Keeping an eye on your top rivals — what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and the output of their...



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