May 21, 2020
by Julia Nesterets

Video Tutorial. Logs analyzer

If you need to improve site indexation and crawl budget optimization – you need Log file analysis. And If you are looking for a comprehensive tool to upload, filter, monitor your Log files, and get the most possible value out of it, you`ll love this video.

What is Log file analysis? 

Log file contains 100% accurate data on how search engines crawl your website. It is an important part of technical SEO and on-page SEO. Log file analysis literally gives you a priceless source of insights on how Googlebot perceives your site and where you have either troubles or SEO opportunities. 

How to analyze Log files easily and quickly?

In this video you will find out how to get all the data of search bots` behavior, how to overlap crawl data with logs and data from Google Search Console just in a few clicks and no time. 

What are the insights that you can get out of it?

By combining Log files and Crawl data you are able to see which pages are in the site structure but aren`t visited by Googlebot and on the contrary – which pages get visits, but are not in the site structure. 

Fix that issues to improve site indexation and optimize crawl budget at the same time. 

Let’s get started.


00:33 How to pick up data for analysis. Overview of log analyzer.
04:38 How to track the dynamics of bots’ visits and pages that are visited by bots.
06:53 How your technical parameters such as content, tags, links, etc. impact bots’ behavior.
13:28 How to get meaningful insights from raw logs.
16:10 How to analyze datatable with pages in logs.
19:50 How to segment and overlap your crawl/logs/GSC data.

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