July 7, 2020
by Serge Bezborodov

Server Log Analysis – interview with Serge Bezborodov, CTO of JetOctopus

Find out how to get the most use out of Log files analysis merged with crawl data, data from GSC, and Google analytics. In this webinar Craig Campbell, SEO trainer & Consultant at Craig Campbell SEO and Serge Bezborodov, CTO of JetOctopus discuss crucial questions in the SEO world. You will find out:

  • Why the crawl data is not enough 
  • What Google knows about your website that you don’t know 
  • Big sites’ indexability issues and how to deal with them
  • How orphan pages harm your website productivity and what you can do about it
  • What you should know about pagination
  • If small website’s owners should bother about all mentioned above


00:09 Introduction
03:02 Logs and Crawl 
04:24 Log Analysis
05:28 SEO Funnel
07:13 Merge Crawl + Logs
13:50 Example of Orphan Pages
15:42 Pagination Example
17:53 Questions

About Serge Bezborodov
The co-founder and CTO of JetOctopus. He is a tech-SEO and log-files nerd with 10+ years of experience in programming. Serge is also a data-driven SEO evangelist. He regularly shares insights from a billion crawled pages and 14 billion log lines on DigitalOlympus, TechSEOboost, BrightonSEO conferences, and through the TTT community. You can find Serge on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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