June 27, 2023
by Sofia

JetOctopus: a recap of our first six months of achievements

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and wow, did the past six months zoom by for the JetOctopus team! We’ve been buzzing with activity, making waves, and achieving great things. Of course, not everything went perfectly – we had a few bumps in the road and couldn’t release every feature we wanted (time just loves to play hard to get). But we’re as determined as ever to keep improving JetOctopus, our comprehensive SEO analysis tool, and make it even more user-friendly and powerful. So, let’s take a look at our first-half achievements of 2023!

JetOctopus Updates

We crunched the numbers, and guess what? In the first half of 2023, we released over 20 updates! And that’s not even counting the tiny ones we did internally (shh!). Some of these updates were truly game-changers for our beloved SEO crawler, JetOctopus. Take, for instance, the API and structured data extraction features. We’ve done some fascinating work on JavaScript analysis for websites – truly a force to be reckoned with.


JetOctopus introduces JavaScript redirects tracking

The long-awaited update has arrived! Now, all JetOctopus users can track JS redirects. These sneaky redirects change URLs without altering the code status. While Google and other search engines have gotten better at handling JS redirects, they still recommend using server redirects with status code changes for optimal results. With JetOctopus, you can easily identify JS redirects and replace them with good old server redirects.

Join Dataset feature now achieves lightning-fast performance

We’re bursting with pride over this one. Joining datasets is one of JetOctopus’ finest features, allowing you to seamlessly merge data from crawl results, logs, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. And guess what? We made it even faster! Even for large websites, the results are lightning-fast. 


Links database is now even faster

Another update that turbocharged the speed of the “Links” report. This report is a heavyweight, containing all the internal and external outlinks our SEO crawler found. Even small websites could have thousands of rows in this report, and for those with millions of pages – yup, we’re talking gigabytes of information. The data used to take its sweet time loading, but we’ve supercharged the “Links” data table. Sure, there’s still more work to be done, but we’re on it!


Bulk data export is lightning-fast now

We’ve made another blazing-fast optimization to our crawler. Exporting massive amounts of data used to take ages, but fear not, for we have optimized the export function. Now, generating and exporting large files is a breeze. And guess what? You can export your precious data in any format you fancy, including the beloved Google Sheets! It is very convenient isn’t it?

Updated backend boosts interface speed

The JetOctopus team worked hard on this update. Of course, nothing has changed visually, but you could definitely notice that after this release, joining data, loading reports, and building dashboards are significantly faster.

JetOctopus Releases Much-Anticipated API

We present to you one of the most eagerly anticipated updates: the JetOctopus API. We heard your pleas, and we’re here to deliver. Now, all our beloved clients can harness the power of our API to unlock the true potential of JetOctopus data. Each data table comes with a nifty “Use in API” button in the export menu, giving you the freedom to request the exact data you need. 

Introducing New Datatables in Sitemaps Dataset

Ah, sitemaps, the trusty guideposts for search engines in the vast digital wilderness. Good sitemaps get scanned more often, while bad ones can wreak havoc on your crawl budget. To save you from sitemap troubles, we’ve added new datatables specifically designed for sitemap URLs. Now, with just a click, you can uncover all those non-indexable and broken pages hiding in your sitemaps. But wait, there’s more! Keep an eye out for our ready-made sitemap reports in your JetOctopus crawl results. We’ve got you covered!

Introducing the new alerts section for instant notifications on indexing issues and errors in Google Search Console

Ah, the sweet scent of spring in the air, inspiring our JetOctopus team to release not just one, not two, but more than five updates in March! Among them, we’ve introduced a brand-new alerts section to keep you in the loop. Get instant notifications on any indexing issues or errors detected in Google Search Console. Whether it’s changes in coverage status, de-indexed pages, or the arrival of another canonical page, we’ve got your back.


Explore our new JavaScript example crawl and discover the benefits of JetOctopus

We bring the update that may be small in size, but certainly very significance. We’ve toiled tirelessly to bring you a JavaScript example crawl, and let us tell you, it’s a game-changer. If you’ve been pondering whether to embark on a JavaScript crawl adventure, look no further than our shiny new example. It showcases the myriad benefits and unique data you’ll uncover in your own JavaScript crawl results. 

Crawler location update

Here’s an update that may have slipped under the radar for most JetOctopus users, but it’s a real gem for specific websites. You can now set up your crawl from various locations. Why is this a big deal? Well, it enables faster crawls and provides you with more precise data on Core Web Vitals metrics.

New Redirect Chains data table

Previously, it was possible to track the presence of redirect chains in JetOctopus. After this update, you can also track the number of redirects in the chain (and we know that if there are many hops in a redirect, search engines will not follow all the redirects) and, of course, all URLs in the redirect chain. Isn’t that simply marvelous?

New reports for JavaScript crawling

Our grand reveal is here: new reports tailored specifically for JavaScript websites. This was a labor of love that we’ve been working on tirelessly. We’ve unleashed many of new reports that will help you unearth JS errors, identify broken resources, and pinpoint those sluggish components that may be hindering your website’s performance. It’s time to conquer those pesky JS problems and ensure your website runs like a well-oiled machine.


Custom fields in Google Analytics

By popular demand from our valued customers, we are thrilled to announce the release of custom options for exporting data from Google Analytics. This highly anticipated feature empowers you to analyze specific data and seamlessly combine it with your crawl results, clicks, and impressions, providing you with even deeper insights into your SEO performance.


Google News data is now available for analysis in JetOctopus

We are excited to inform you that JetOctopus now allows you to analyze the performance of your website’s pages in Google News. By merging this valuable data with your technical news analysis, you can identify both weak points and growth opportunities. This update is particularly beneficial for news websites, as it enables significant improvements in SEO optimization.

New way to analyze pagination

Pagination can be a headache for many websites. However, with our new pagination dashboard in the crawl results, you can quickly identify potential issues that may hinder search engines from effectively crawling your website’s content. This enhancement streamlines the analysis process, allowing you to address pagination challenges more efficiently.

Discover hreflang analysis for sitemap

We understand the importance of sitemaps in guiding search engines to the appropriate localized versions of your website. With our latest update, you can now parse the hreflang of URLs added via an XML sitemap. This feature ensures that Google doesn’t mistakenly rank localized versions incorrectly due to any glitches in the hreflang implementation.

Introducing enhanced structured data extraction

In a team vote, we concluded that this update ranks among the top three releases of the year. With each crawl, JetOctopus collects structured data, allowing you to scale your structured data analysis. Gain insights into the types of structured data used on your website, identify pages without structured data, and more. This enhancement opens up new possibilities for optimizing your website’s structured data.

Compare JS vs non-JS in the URL inspection tool

Although a small update, we believe it’s important to highlight its significance. Our commitment to making JetOctopus as user-friendly and convenient as possible is evident in this release. With just one click, you can examine all site data, including internal links, keywords, logs and comparing JavaScript and non-JS code. This tool simplifies the analysis process, ensuring a smoother experience for our users.

Pagination rule examples so that you can better analyze pagination

Another small, but nice update that will make using the Pagination report easier and clearer.

Data Layer Extraction

To further support your technical SEO analysis, we have released the Data Layer Extraction dashboard. This powerful tool allows you to explore dates and pages with unique events in just two clicks. 

Conferences, webinars, and podcasts – Oh my!

But wait, there’s more! We’ve been busy bees attending conferences and webinars, mingling with some of the coolest folks in the industry. We’re not just all talk, you know – we’ve been sharing our wisdom and insights at SEO events!

One of our notable appearances was at the SMX München 2023 conference, where JetOctopus participated in the “Technische SEO E-Commerce Challenges” section and proudly sponsored the event. The conference atmosphere was warm and vibrant, making it a memorable experience for all.

In addition, we had the privilege of joining the SEonthebeach 2023 conference and the SEOCon Jakarta 2023 conference. These events proved to be fantastic opportunities for SEO specialists to come together and exchange knowledge. We were delighted to share our expertise and showcase our product. After all, technical SEO is our forte!

Our very own Serge Bezborodov and Yulia Nesterets had the pleasure of participating in insightful podcasts, where they shared their valuable experiences and industry know-how.

JetOctopus: a recap of our first six months of achievements

And hey, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel! We’ve got a treasure trove of informative and engaging videos just waiting to educate and entertain you. It’s like attending an SEO masterclass, but without the fancy robes.

Furthermore, we initiated a Q&A session exclusively for our clients. In these sessions, we dive deep into topics that hold great significance for SEO specialists, including the intricacies of internal linking.

Team – our secret sauce

We’re over the moon to welcome new members to our JetOctopus family. With their contributions, JetOctopus moves even higher, like on steroids! We firmly believe that a strong team is the heart and soul of JetOctopus. After all, what’s a great product without a phenomenal team behind it?

We believe that our team is our second family.

Lastly, we continue to offer our unwavering support to Ukraine’s victory. We stand united in solidarity with our beloved nation.

So, there you have it – a whirlwind recap of our first six months of 2023. We’ve sprinted to bring you the best SEO analysis tool out there. But hey, we’re not done yet. We’ll keep delivering the features for better technical SEO!

And remember, the JetOctopus team is always here to support you. Got questions? Reach out to our amazing support team. Need guidance? We’ve got your back. Together, we’ll conquer the world of SEO, one crawl at a time!

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