September 30, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Compare crawls at JetOctopus
It's often difficult for SEOs to monitor whether experiments that you`ve tried on the website have worked out or didn’t have any positive impact on Tech SEO criteria. Here is...
September 21, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Ahrefs integration with JetOctopus
Backlinks play a significant role in the SEO of the website. Quality backlinks increase your site's credibility from the search bot`s perspective and drive more organic...
July 28, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Setup SEO log files manually for 1 minute
In one of our previous articles, we’ve described 3 ways of log file integration with JetOctopus, which require a little bit of attention from the support team. It may only take a...
July 15, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Custom Extraction. How to extract any info from a webpage
Crawl report gives us a general understanding of the technical state of the website. However, with the Custom Extraction option, you can add more parameters to scrape from the...
June 17, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
How to find links to non-indexable, to 404 pages
A well-developed internal linking structure plays a significant role in how Googlebot understands the value and relevance of your pages and their mutual relationship. ...
June 15, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
How to find links to broken pages. Video
On-page SEO can't go without setting up and constantly improving your internal linking structure.  But how do you know that link target pages are not returning error...
May 29, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Video Guide: Google Search Console integration in JetOctopus
What do you think of when you hear Google Search Console?Impressions… Clicks… CTR...Right? Yes, Google Search Console helps website owners to monitor their site`s performance...
May 27, 2020
by Serge Bezborodov
Work with Rel=canonical Like a Pro
Canonical tags were created to fix duplicate content issues. In a nutshell, if you have 3 duplicate pages (or approximately similar ones) you should pick just one of them to be...
May 27, 2020
by greatcontent
Quantity vs Quality in SEO is a Myth: Here’s Why
Knowing how to move from small-scale content production to managing thousands of product descriptions, internal linking strategies, and multi-channel marketing can seem like a...
May 27, 2020
by Ann
Product Update: Compare Crawls
JetOctopus new product update is out! You can now compare two different crawl reports and see crawl evolutions! With our unique module, you will be able not only to...



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