June 14, 2023
by Sofia

Product Update. Discover hreflang analysis for sitemap

The JetOctopus team takes great pleasure in delivering new updates to enhance your technical SEO analysis and drive remarkable results in SERPs. We are thrilled to introduce a valuable update that enables you to extract and analyze link hreflang from sitemaps.

Why is hreflang analysis important? 

Hreflangs play a critical role in communicating to search engines that you have similar pages translated into different languages or intended for specific regions. For instance, if you have English versions of your website for both Canada and the United States, these pages will possess distinct URLs while sharing similar content. By implementing hreflangs on these pages, you assist search engine bots in correctly ranking the pages in their respective regions and languages, while avoiding the perception of duplicates.

While most websites utilize hreflangs in the HTML code, there is another commonly employed method – adding hreflangs in sitemaps. Google even recommends this approach as one of the viable options. Now, with JetOctopus, you can seamlessly analyze your hreflang URLs within sitemaps.

What makes the new update so valuable?

Without exaggeration, JetOctopus is one of the few crawlers capable of effectively crawling hreflang URLs from XML sitemaps. By running a sitemap scan, you can easily identify pages with non-200 hreflang URLs, missing hreflangs, and more. This empowers you to promptly identify and resolve any issues, ensuring optimal implementation of hreflang annotations.

The JetOctopus team is always dedicated to assisting you and addressing any questions you may have. We are here to support you in maximizing the potential of this update and optimizing your technical SEO efforts.

In conclusion, the introduction of hreflang analysis in the xml sitemaps within JetOctopus offers a valuable solution for understanding and optimizing the implementation of hreflangs. By extracting and analyzing hreflang URLs from sitemaps, you gain insights into any potential issues and can promptly resolve them. This update reinforces JetOctopus as a comprehensive SEO tool that enables you to take proactive measures in ensuring accurate regional and language targeting, ultimately enhancing your website’s performance in search engine rankings.

About Sofia
Technical SEO specialist. Sofia has almost 10 years of experience, of which the last 5 years in JavaScript SEO. She is convinced that SEO is a very technical part of digital marketing. And without logs and in-depth data analysis, you can't do effective SEO.



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