September 30, 2020
by Ann
How to create a new crawl
Basic crawl settings: Advanced crawl settings: Project creationWhere to start a crawlIf your website has subdomainsRespect, or not respect: that is the...
September 30, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
How to start a new crawl?
Title/content duplications, status codes, page speed, internal and external links, directives for indexation. These are the tech parameters that SEOs should always keep an eye on...
September 30, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Compare crawls at JetOctopus
It's often difficult for SEOs to monitor whether experiments that you`ve tried on the website have worked out or didn’t have any positive impact on Tech SEO criteria. Here is...
September 30, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
DFI. Distance From Index.
In terms of the website structure, it's important to consider DFI (distance from index) as an important criterion.  It is also called “click distance” and represents a...
September 30, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Top-Down Approach For In-depth SEO Analysis
Technical SEO analysis allows us to see the website`s performance and detect the main technical issues which prevent your website from high positions in SERP.  And...
September 28, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
How to analyze Interlinking structure.
How do you know if your interlinking structure is effective for your SEO and clear for both - bots and end-users? Since the way for search engines to discover quality pages -...
September 24, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Logs. Dig up the Pages mostly visited by bot and ignored.
Get more insights on how search bots behave on particular URLs of your site: which pages are visited more often, and which of the indexable pages get only a few visits. ...
September 18, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
JetOctopus Logs. A big picture of bot’s dynamics.
The dynamics of 40+ bots that visit your siteThe dynamics of fake botsCrawl budget breakdown by pages and visits from each search engines perspectiveLoad time: how long Google,...
August 14, 2020
by Serge Bezborodov
-> The Ultimate Guide to Log Analysis – a 21 Point Checklist
This checklist is designed for all kinds of SEOs who aspire to improve the website’s visibility, increase site’s indexation, and boost organic traffic at the end of the day. This...
August 7, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Health of your website. Quick check.
An average SEO specialist has no possibility to see the whole picture of website issues at one glance. First, he needs to open tons of reports, tools, excel sheets, and begin...


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