September 30, 2020
by Ann

How to use Segments

Why you should segment your site

Slice your site into as many segments as you need and watch your errors in the most important site categories first. Crawling data is rearranged in no time within your segments.

Below you can see an example of how the segments tool is used.
A Webmaster created a segment with the TOP category “video”.

Now he can reveal technical bugs on the most profitable pages and start fixing high-priority issues. 

How to create segments?

There are two built-in segments: All pages and Indexable pages.

You can also create an unlimited number of segments within your crawl project to estimate indexability, load time, content, and links quality on different parts of your website.

Filter – is the parameter by which your website will be segmented.

JetOctopus gives you data within your segments in less than 1 second. You don’t need to re-crawl the website and spend your pages limit.
We value your time and money.

If you have any problems with the crawl,
feel free to send a message to

About Ann
Ann is the Content Strategist in JetOctopus. She learned the dynamics of SEO from scratch by understanding the inner workings of logs and crawl reports data. She cross-examines actual SEO cases by studying clients’ websites and loves being an active member of the technical team. Because of her dedication, she has become technically savvy and always bases her definition of quality content on real data and not on speculation. You can find Ann on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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