December 1, 2022
by Sofia

Product Update. Verifying Googlebot with JetOctopus

We are happy to announce a new release from the JetOctopus team. From now on, you can verify Googlebot using our service. This tool is very useful for all websites, because in this way you will be able to detect spam crawlers and troublemaking web scrappers that emulate Googlebot.

How JetOctopus verifies Googlebot

For Googlebot verification, we use IP address matching and reverse DNS lookup.

Now you can not only look at the list of user agents visiting your website, but also check every suspicious visit. After all, many troublemaking crawlers disguise themselves as Googlebot, using the same data in the user-agent string as Googlebot. However, Googlebot uses special IP addresses that are not available to other user agents.

To verify the Googlebot, go to the “Tools” menu, then select “Validate Googlebot IP”.

Product Update. Verifying Googlebot with JetOctopus - 1

Next, enter the IP address and click “Validate”. If it is Googlebot IP, you will receive a detailed notification about it.

Product Update. Verifying Googlebot with JetOctopus - 2

Also, JetOctopus will show if the IP is not used by Googlebot.

Product Update. Verifying Googlebot with JetOctopus - 3

Note that the IP must not be a subnet mask, i.e. you can validate IP but not

The main advantage of this tool is the possibility of full control over the user agents that are visiting your website. You will be able to block IP addresses that load or attack your web server immediately after detection.

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The service is absolutely free for all our customers.

By the way, when analyzing logs, JetOctopus automatically validates all IP addresses of user agents using “Googlebot” in user agent string, so you can be sure that the “Logs” section in the “Googlebot” menu displays data only for this search engine without fake bots.

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