March 3, 2023
by Sofia

Product update: updated backend boosts interface speed

In order to achieve our main goal, JetOctopus developers have made significant backend updates, resulting in an interface that is overflowing with speed. The improved backend has reduced the time it takes to analyze crawl, logs and other data, making the process faster and more efficient. This update has not only improved the speed of JetOctopus, but also the overall user experience. Users can now conduct website analysis and SEO tasks with greater ease and speed, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their work. With the updated backend, JetOctopus continues to be a powerful tool for website analysis and technical SEO, providing users with accurate and detailed information in record time.

What changed after the backend update

During the preparation of the new release, the JetOctopus team focused on improving the speed of the interface. Currently, JetOctopus offers over 97 reports, 381 charts, 26 datasets, and hundreds of filters and settings for data columns. This means that customers can create millions of combinations with data in just seconds. Therefore, JetOctopus needs to collect and visualize data quickly. However, when dealing with millions of log lines or pages, customers may experience a time delay when adding filters or columns. The more data there is, the longer customers have to wait (but it still only takes a few minutes). With the updated backend, customers can use various filters and data table settings and get results much faster.

Which features have become faster

We’ve updated our interface to be faster than ever before. Here’s what’s changed:

  • data filtering in tables and datasets is now lightning-fast;
  • adding new data columns no longer causes any time delay;.
  • segmented data now updates both charts and data tables at lightning speed.

Now that we’ve optimized the speed of our interface, we’re focusing on expanding the capabilities of our tool and improving the speed of our data analysis tools for external sources like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Don’t take our word for it – try JetOctopus for yourself with our free trial. With hundreds of reports available to analyze your technical SEO, you’ll quickly see just how fast and functional our tool truly is.

Few days ago, bulk data export has also been optimized to be lightning fast, providing users with quick access to the information they need: Product update: bulk data export is lightning-fast now

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