July 8, 2020
by Julia Nesterets

Segmentation. How to analyze website effectively

Technical SEO is a complex process and quite often you have a tone of data at hand… and don’t know where to start fixing it all. 

Well, as they used to say it in Ancient times, ”Divide and Conquer!” 

JetOctopus suggests you slice your website into logical parts and work with those segments separately. There are already two preset segments – All pages and Indexable pages. But you can create as many of them as you like. 

In this short video on the Segmentation of the website, you will find out how to create and manage segments in a few clicks and save your time on the SEO process.

Some examples of segments you can create:

  1. Show pages, which are in site structure, get bot’s visits, and receive impressions in SERPs.
    Those are your superstars! Figure out how their success can be applied to other, less productive pages.

Now let’s see, how we can find pages, that need our soonest reaction:

  1. Show pages opened for indexation, which are not getting visits from the bot.
    If a page is not visited by bot during some period of time  – more likely it will not be visited at all. Make sure to fix them. 
  1. Show pages, which are not in site structure, but receive both – bot visits and impressions. These are orphan pages, they are stealing your traffic. 
    After looking through this list you will probably keep quality pages and return them to site structure, and remove trash pages you don’t need.

And this is just a drop in the ocean of how you can slice your site and analyze it effectively! 

Try your own segments on our 7 days free trial.

About Julia Nesterets
Julia Nesterets is the co-founder and CEO of JetOctopus. With 10+ years in marketing and sales, she helps to identify our clients' needs to the fullest. She can explain complex ideas by simplifying them which makes her a very valuable asset to JO.

She is also a very social person. You can catch up with Julia on Digital Olympus, BrightonSEO, and Slush conferences for some small talk. You can also find Julia on Twitter and LinkedIn .



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