June 15, 2020
by Julia Nesterets

How to find links to broken pages. Video

On-page SEO can’t go without setting up and constantly improving your internal linking structure. 

But how do you know that link target pages are not returning error codes, like “404 not found” or “503 service unavailable”? No doubt, the crawl budget is spent here in vain.
And if so, how can you find all these pages at once to fix them right away?

JetOctopus is answering this question in a short video.

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Knowing these status codes and their meaning is vital for any SEO specialist. 

Here is the list of HTTP Status Codes with a short description:

  • 1xx – Informational response. It indicates that a server is processing the request, and the browser needs to wait a little longer. 
  • 2xx – Successful response. The browser has successfully received the requested file from the server.
  • 3xx – Redirect response. This one means that the user will be redirected to a different URL from the initial one. Redirects can be temporary or permanent. 
  • 4xx – Client errors. It means that the page is invalid or cannot be reached, or something is wrong with the request.
  • 5xx – Server errors. The request was valid but the server failed to complete it. 

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