July 1, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. GSC URL Inspection Tool
We are happy to announce a big update. Now with the help of JetOctopus, you will be able to work with Google Search Console data faster and more efficiently. Features of the...
June 17, 2022
by Sofia
Product update. Alerts for advanced website monitoring
The JetOctopus team has released a long-awaited functionality. Now, you can set your own alerts to monitor the performance of your website. If something breaks, you will receive...
May 11, 2022
by Sofia
Product Update. GSC by Countries
For large multinational/multilingual websites, it can be difficult to track traffic dynamics in different countries. Monitoring the performance of all countries in total is an...
January 5, 2022
by Julia Nesterets
JetOctopus in 2021: A Recap of All We Achieved and a Timeline of Updates
It has already become a tradition — to reflect on the results of the past year. Dear customers and colleagues, we are happy to share with you how well we fared in 2021. The...
December 7, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
JetOctopus in 2020
It was a fruitful, very dynamic and eventful 2020 for JetOctopus.  Yes, it is not a common start when talking about 2020 as it usually starts with a “dramatically tough...
September 21, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Ahrefs integration with JetOctopus
Backlinks play a significant role in the SEO of the website. Quality backlinks increase your site's credibility from the search bot`s perspective and drive more organic...
May 27, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
What’s the difference between JetOctopus and other crawlers?
What’s the main difference from Screaming frog? This is the most popular question we’re getting from potential clients. To cut a long story short look inside for the differences....
May 27, 2020
by Julia Nesterets
Our Story
When there was a need to crawl 5 mln. pages at our first business (jobagregator) and we calculated the budget for it (all money of the world) we decided to write our own crawler....
May 27, 2020
by Serge Bezborodov
Product Update: Linking Explorer – a database on interlinking for each page
Interlinking is one of the most powerful tools for the technical optimization of a big web-site. Thanks to interlinking factors it’s easy to get the pages several points up...
May 27, 2020
by Ann
Product Update: Compare Crawls
JetOctopus new product update is out! You can now compare two different crawl reports and see crawl evolutions! With our unique module, you will be able not only to...



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