March 13, 2023
by Sofia

JetOctopus proudly sponsors SMX München 2023 – Don’t Miss Our Exclusive Offer for Attendees

SEO is an essential aspect of website development. In the same way, SEO is necessary for business: without wide visibility in Google and other search engines, the business will not reach its potential profits. And for e-commerce websites, organic traffic is a crucial factor that contributes to conversions. JetOctopus is a powerful SEO tool that offers various features and tools to analyze websites and improve SEO. As many of our clients are in the e-commerce industry, we are delighted to sponsor the SMX München 2023 conference.

The SMX conference 2023 is an interesting event with focused sessions that provide practical tips and ideas. This philosophy aligns with the principles of JetOctopus, where clear instructions and decisions help in the proper allocation of resources towards SEO development.

As one of the sponsors of the “Technische SEO E-Commerce Challenges” section, JetOctopus has a great offer for all visitors. Attendees can receive a special offer which will help improve your SEO. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity, and welcome to “Technische SEO E-Commerce Challenges” section on Wednesday, 15 March 2023.

The SMX conference is the leading event for search marketing in the DACH region. The conference’s team offers cutting-edge tactics and strategies from top experts worldwide, providing solutions to marketing challenges and inspiring brand new ideas. The conference program includes up to six parallel tracks covering SEO, SEA, Content, Analytics & Data, UX, and much more. Each session offers practical content that will inspire new ideas and encourage interaction between attendees, sponsors, and speakers.

JetOctopus is happy to be one of the sponsors of this conference. We invite everyone to get involved and we would also be happy if you use our great tool to improve organic traffic for your e-commerce website. 

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Technical SEO specialist. Sofia has almost 10 years of experience, of which the last 5 years in JavaScript SEO. She is convinced that SEO is a very technical part of digital marketing. And without logs and in-depth data analysis, you can't do effective SEO.



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