April 28, 2022
by Sofia

How to find and export all images without alt attributes

The alt attribute (or alternative text) contains a description of the image. Alt will be displayed on the screen instead of the image if the user has a laggy internet connection. Of course, search engines also “read” alt attributes. Thanks to this HTML attribute, search engines understand what is depicted, and show images in search results for relevant search queries.

Also, the alt attribute is used by screen readers for blind or visually impaired users. The reader reads the alt or title of the image. 

As you can see, your website will be less convenient with empty alt attributes. In addition, you will lose potential SEO traffic for images. In JetOctopus we have several reports to analyze alt attributes. The most interesting is the search for empty ones.

How to start crawling with image analysis

JetOctopus does not process image data with the default crawl settings. Therefore, you need to create a new crawl if you have not set up image crawling previously. Select a project first, then start “New Crawl”. In the field “Advanced settings”, activate the checkbox “Process images data” and start crawling.

More information: How to start a new crawl.

How to start crawling with image analysis - JetOctopus

How to find all images missing alt attribute

Wow! The crawl is finished! Now you can find and fix all images with empty alt attributes.

Go to the “Crawler” menu, select the “Data Table” report and click on “Images”. You will go to the dataset collecting all the images on your website.

How to find all images missing alt attribute - JetOctopus

Next, adjust the filters to find all images missing alt text. In the drop-down menu, select the  “Image Alt Text”, and the value should be “Is Empty”. Apply.

Adjust the filters to find all images missing alt text - JetOctopus

In the results, you will find a list of pages that contain images with empty alt attributes. In the column “Page URL”, we show pages where our spider found images missing alt attributes. The “Full src (absolute URL)” column displays the path (URL) of the images without alts. 

You will see the “Yes” value in the column “Is link” if the image is a jump link or link to another webpage. For example, if your customer clicks on the product image in the listing, and then goes to the product URL. If nothing happens when you click on the image or the image is scaled, “Is link” will be “No”. 

For anchor images, we display “Link href”. It is the URL of the page to which the user will be jumped.

Images with empty alt attributes - JetOctopus

If there are several images on the web page with empty alt attributes, we will display them all.

How to bulk export all images without alt

In JetOctopus there is a great opportunity to export all the data. We offer many formats such as Excel, CSV, and Google Spreadsheets. Use the most convenient format for you.

You can also save the dataset with missing alt as a problem. Prioritize it to continue working on the solution.

How to bulk export all images without alt - JetOctopus

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