July 10, 2020
by Julia Nesterets

Segmentation. An exhaustive webinar about data merge

SEOs get the data about their websites from different sources, like Crawl data, Log files, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs backlinks, and many others. They all disclose the state of the website from different angles, each being vital for the SEO process, but giving a flat picture rather than a complete story. 

What they have in common is the URL of the page, which means that we can join several datasets and get even more details on each particular page. This is where we talk about Segmentation SEO. How to analyze the website effectively. For example, an e-commerce website wants to know which of Product pages (a Segment where URL contains “product”) are frequently visited by a bot but are not included in the site structure.

In this webinar, Julia is telling how exactly that works, which types of Dataset joining and Segmentation exist, and how you can do it yourselves with the help of JetOctopus. And it`s (spoiler alert!) much easier than it seems.

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00:48 What is segmentation and why do need that?
01:14 How to build segments while analyzing your website?
02:10 What is a dataset?
03:56 Simple and more complex datasets joining.
07:09 Use Cases with the help of JetOctopus. 
12:04 Why Segmentation is important?

About Julia Nesterets
Julia Nesterets is the co-founder and CEO of JetOctopus. With 10+ years in marketing and sales, she helps to identify our clients' needs to the fullest. She can explain complex ideas by simplifying them which makes her a very valuable asset to JO.

She is also a very social person. You can catch up with Julia on Digital Olympus, BrightonSEO, and Slush conferences for some small talk. You can also find Julia on Twitter and LinkedIn .



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