June 6, 2023
by Sofia

How to find pages with multiple titles

In this article, we will discuss the importance of finding pages with multiple titles and provide insights into the significance of title optimization in on-page SEO.

Why are titles important?

Title tags play a crucial role in conveying information about a web page to search bots. Moreover, users encounter titles in their browser tabs, as they correspond to the webpage’s title. 

Additionally, titles are displayed in the search engine results page (SERP) snippets. Thus, it is imperative to have clear and compelling titles. 

Firstly, clear titles that accurately describe the page’s content help search bots understand its subject matter. Secondly, attractive titles enhance clickability, enticing users to click and visit the page.

Why check for pages with multiple titles?

Having multiple titles on a single page can create confusion for search bots. Search engines may struggle to determine which title to display in the SERP snippet. If an incorrect title appears in the snippet, it can negatively impact click-through rates. Furthermore, search bots may view multiple titles as a technical error or an attempt to manipulate search results by keyword stuffing the title.

How to find pages with multiple titles?

With JetOctopus, identifying pages with multiple titles is a straightforward process. Begin by initiating a crawl or selecting the desired crawl from the available list.

How to find pages with multiple titles - JetOctopus - 1

Next, navigate to the “Pages” dataset.

How to find pages with multiple titles - JetOctopus SEO Analyzer - 2

Click the “Add Filter” button and choose “<title> count >” – “Greater than” – “1”. Then, click “Apply”.

How to find pages with multiple titles - JetOctopus SEO Analyzer - 3

Analyze the data obtained and determine which titles should be kept and which should be removed.

All data can be exported in a format that suits your convenience. Click the “Export” button and select the desired format, including the option to export data to Google Sheets.

How to find pages with multiple titles - JetOctopus SEO Analyzer - 4

How to fix pages with multiple titles?

The causes for multiple titles can vary, thus requiring analysis to determine the appropriate solution. Consider deleting redundant titles, and consult with developers who can assist in rectifying the issue.

By effectively managing multiple titles on your web pages, you can ensure improved search engine comprehension and enhance user engagement and click-through rates.

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