March 20, 2023
by Sofia

Product Update. Improvements to the “Links” dataset

Linking plays a crucial role in optimizing a website, particularly when it comes to improving its performance in search engine result pages (SERPs). With the help of JetOctopus, analyzing internal links becomes a powerful tool for website owners. The “Links” datatable, available in the crawl results section, allows users to gain valuable insights into their internal and external linking strategies. We are thrilled to announce that we have made significant improvements to this dataset, making it even more efficient and user-friendly.

The “Links” dataset comprises a comprehensive collection of both internal and external links discovered on your website. These links are the pathways that users and search engines can navigate through to reach different pages or external websites. By utilizing this dataset, website owners can extract valuable information about their links. To enhance its functionality, we have introduced several useful features and boosted the speed of the datatable.

Moving forward, you will experience a significant improvement in the performance of the “Links” dataset. Even for smaller crawls, there can be millions of links. So, speed and efficiency are very crucial for this datatable. Therefore, in this update, we decided to optimize the speed of the “Links” data table.  This enhancement aims to provide users with a smoother and more streamlined experience when analyzing their link profiles.

Moreover, we have expanded the functionality of the “Links” dataset by introducing two additional datasets: “Link Source Page” and “Link Destination Page.” The “Link Source Page” dataset contains detailed information about the page on which a particular link is located. Users can now filter pages based on various attributes such as title, meta description, and more. On the other hand, the “Link Destination Page” dataset provides insights into the target page to which the link points. This feature enables website owners to identify links leading to non-200 status pages, non-indexable pages, or pages with irrelevant content. Such information is crucial for optimizing internal linking and enhancing the overall user experience.

In conclusion, the improved “Links” dataset offers website owners a powerful tool to analyze their internal and external linking strategies. With enhanced speed and the introduction of additional datasets, users can gain valuable insights into their link profiles, identify issues, and optimize their internal linking practices. By leveraging the potential of the “Links” dataset, website owners can enhance their website’s performance in search engine rankings and provide a seamless browsing experience for their users.

About Sofia
Technical SEO specialist. Sofia has almost 10 years of experience, of which the last 5 years in JavaScript SEO. She is convinced that SEO is a very technical part of digital marketing. And without logs and in-depth data analysis, you can't do effective SEO.



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