September 9, 2022
by Sofia

Sum up for the six months of 2022

The last six months have been interesting and exciting for the JetOctopus team. It was difficult at times, but we managed it. And as a result, many useful updates were released. As we know, our beloved customers are actively using many new features. We are happy to improve JetOctopus and make it more convenient for our customers. 

And in the last six months, we have expanded our team. Now we can focus even better on the activities related to creating a comprehensive and indispensable product for SEO.

Of course, we did not stand aside when full-scale war broke out in Ukraine. We helped and continue to help Ukrainians and the Ukrainian army.

Below, we’ll talk about our favorite updates of 2022.

Google Search Console by Countries

The new “Countries” report in the GSC section became available to all JetOctopus users in May. Using this report, you can analyze the efficiency of your website, as well as traffic, impressions, clicks and other metrics in different countries.

Sum up for the six months of 2022 - JetOctopus - 1

All data is visualized in a separate dashboard. But that’s not all! The country filter has become available in all GSC reports.

Sum up for the six months of 2022 - JetOctopus - 2

The country report highlights your traffic opportunities in different countries. You can monitor how the ranking of your website changes in a certain country, depending on the local SEO. Of course, with the help of this dashboard, you can find out (in two clicks!) the country with the biggest drop in traffic.

More information about the update: Product Update. GSC by Countries

Alerts for advanced website monitoring

A very important update: from now on, you can set up alerts so you don’t miss important changes in the website’s health. With JetOctopus, you can set up alerts that notify you when the indexing rules on your website change, the number of 404, 3xx and other status codes increases, etc. And you will be able to instantly find out if the search engines will stop scanning your website or, on the contrary, will increase the scanning to critically high numbers. With the help of alerts, find out in an instant if the website drops out of the Google index or the performance metrics go into the red zone.

We offer dozens of default alerts. We created all these alerts based on a large analysis of the most common and most important changes for SEO.

Sum up for the six months of 2022 - JetOctopus - 3

But that’s not all: you can create the desired alerts yourself or configure the default ones as needed for a specific website. Find more information about creating alerts in the webinar and in the articles:

Product update. Alerts for advanced website monitoring

Guide to creating alerts: tips that will help not miss any error

In the video below, we’ve collected some more great ideas on how you can use alerts.

Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool

Another cool update we’ve been working on for a long time. The URL Inspection Tool is available to all our customers: to start using this tool, just integrate Google Search Console. With this tool you can:

  • bulk check of indexing status in Google;
  • coverage status check – at what stage of processing by search engines is your web page;
  • analysis of canonical pages selected by Google, which are different from those you marked with canonicals;
  • information about scanning and indexing errors in advanced results.
Sum up for the six months of 2022 - JetOctopus - 4

You can check 600 URLs per minute. This is a great achievement and an extremely handy tool for all websites. More information: Product Update. GSC URL Inspection Tool.

Keywords Group Tool for analyzing the effectiveness of keywords in Google

The Keywords Group tool allows you to bulk analyze the efficiency of keywords in Google. The tool is available to all JetOctopus users who have integrated Google Search Console. Of course, as with every update, we have one thing in mind: all our updates are free for all users.

Using the Keywords Group tool, you can analyze:

  • ranking of each group of keywords;
  • the dynamics of impressions, clicks, CTRs and positions for different types of keywords;
  • effectiveness of groups of keywords for different devices;
  • performance of keyword groups in different countries.
Sum up for the six months of 2022 - JetOctopus - 5

Using the Keywords Group tool, it is very convenient to monitor the dynamics of brand queries (more information here: How to analyze the dynamic of branded keywords in SERP), the dynamics of commercial queries, analyze local SEO, etc.

Read more about the update in the article: Product Update. Analyze the effectiveness of keywords in SERPs with Keywords Group Tool.

Google Search Console Metrics Dynamics

One of the latest updates is GSC metrics dynamics, which allows you to track the dynamics of various metrics for a website. For example, you can track the performance of pages (filter any desired pages), keywords, queries, and so on.

Sum up for the six months of 2022 - JetOctopus - 6

This report contains more detailed information than all reports available in Google Search Console. You don’t have to track the dynamics yourself using slow tables: JetOctopus processes the information in a matter of seconds.

For more information about what opportunities our clients have received with this report, read the article: Product Update. GSC metrics dynamics.

We continue to work on new features that will make JetOctopus faster, more convenient and more efficient. We want to thank our customers for your feedback, we are always happy to hear your opinion and improve our product.

Data export from JetOctopus to Google Data Studio

The update that so many of our customers have been waiting for: from now on you can export all data to Google Data Studio. Create customized reports with logs, crawl and Google Search Console data without limits!

We invite you to watch a video on how to export data in Data Studio.

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