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November 1, 2022
by Sofia
How to analyze pagination with JetOctopus
Pagination makes your site more user-friendly. When you have all products on several pages, it is more convenient to view the entire range of products. The user will always know...
October 31, 2022
by Sofia
A complete guide to crawl all subdomains with JetOctopus
When scanning a site with JetOctopus, you can configure the crawl of all subdomains. This will allow you to estimate the scale of the entire website, effectively find duplicate...
October 13, 2022
by Sofia
Why is the data in the Core Web Vitals report different from the scores of manually checked URLs?
You may have noticed that the Core Web Vitals metrics check results differ when you check your site with JetOctopus and when you manually check it with Lighthouse or other tools....
October 12, 2022
by Sofia
Why does the data in Google Search Console differ from the number of indexable pages in crawl results?
Why can the number of indexed pages differ in Google’s SERP data and Google Search Console? Why is the number of indexable pages found by JetOctopus also different from these...
October 11, 2022
by Sofia
Take Control on Googlebot: the best takeaways from Serge Bezborodov’s talk at BrightonSEO
We want to share key insights from Serge Bezborodov’s brilliant talk at BrightonSEO. Serge talked about how to control Googlebot and why it is needed for all SEOs. The...
October 10, 2022
by Sofia
How to check redirects during a website migration with JetOctopus
JetOctopus is one of the universal SEO tools that will help you migrate your website without wasting time and efforts. Earlier, we already wrote about how to audit a website...
October 7, 2022
by Sofia
How to audit a website for a relaunch with JetOctopus
A website relaunch is an important event, the success of which depends on whether your website will retain organic traffic. Therefore, for a relaunch, you need to thoroughly...
October 6, 2022
by Sofia
How to analyze queries in the title and description
You may have noticed the "Query on Page" dataset in the Google Search Console section. This very useful report will help you optimise your website pages to get more organic...
October 5, 2022
by Sofia
How to use custom robots.txt to make the crawl more efficient
As you know, you can use a custom robots.txt file when configuring a crawl. This is a useful option if, for example, you want to scan a staging website. But there are other...
October 4, 2022
by Sofia
How to view a website as a Googlebot using JetOctopus
When auditing a website, it is very important to understand how Googlebot views your website. After all, it sometimes happens that due to specific server settings, search engines...



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